Book Review Crave By Tracy Wolff (1)

Book Review Crave By Tracy Wolff

In the lush yet shadowy corners of young adult literature, paranormal romance novels lure readers with the promise of otherworldly escapades and heart-throbbing alliances. Among these tales stands “Crave” by Tracy Wolff—a literary concoction weaving vampires, gods, and monsters into the frostbitten landscape of an Alaskan boarding school.

With a background steeped in YA fiction reviews and a keen eye for dissecting bestsellers, our exploration will unearth what makes this novel tick and why it has sunk its fangs deep into the hearts of readers across the globe.

The fervor surrounding “Crave” isn’t just happenstance; it’s fueled by its rank as a #1 New York Times Bestselling Series, catapulting Tracy Wolff to stardom within paranormally charmed circles.

Our journey through this book review is lined with nuggets of insight that illuminate why “Crave” resonates so powerfully among devotees of supernatural sagas. Prepare to unravel the secrets behind Grace’s chilling adventure—secrets that could very well reshape how we perceive love amidst creatures that go bump in the night.

Ready? Let’s dive in.

Plot Summary

Book Review Crave By Tracy Wolff (1)

After losing both of her parents, Grace Foster moves to an elite boarding school in Alaska where she uncovers a hidden supernatural world. As she navigates this new environment, Grace embarks on a journey filled with history, secrets, power, and lies.

Boarding school in Alaska

Grace Foster’s life takes a dramatic turn when she arrives at the enigmatic boarding school in Alaska. Thrust into a haven far from her sunny San Diego home, Grace must navigate through the frosty halls and hidden agendas of her new academy.

Here, amid the ice and snow, secrets begin to unravel as she discovers that this is no ordinary institution; it’s a place where vampires and werewolves roam freely among unsuspecting humans.

The Alaskan setting offers an isolated backdrop perfect for supernatural happenings—far from prying eyes where magic can flourish unchecked. It’s within these secluded walls that Grace encounters creatures ripped right out of mythic tales.

The school becomes not just a site for education but also for battles between unseen forces and ancient rivalries rekindled under the northern lights.

Hidden supernatural world

Crave delves into a hidden supernatural world, where the elite Katmere Academy in Alaska is not what it seems. The school is shrouded in mystery and secrets, with an undercurrent of power struggles and protectors.

As Grace navigates her new surroundings, she uncovers a complex web of lies, plots, and prejudice that adds depth to the narrative. These supernatural elements add an intriguing layer to the story’s setting and create a captivating backdrop for the unfolding plot.

With each twist and turn in this hidden world, Crave keeps readers on edge as they unravel the mysteries alongside Grace. From uncovering historical truths to navigating mystical forces, the book builds a rich supernatural world that draws readers deeper into its enigmatic allure.

Main character’s journey

Grace Foster, the protagonist of “Crave,” experiences a life-altering change as she relocates from sunny San Diego to an isolated boarding school in Alaska. This significant shift in her circumstances sets the stage for her transformative journey as she navigates a world filled with supernatural secrets, hidden powers, and unexpected alliances.

Grace’s resilience and determination shine through as she grapples with loss, uncovers shocking truths about her own identity, and ultimately embraces her role within this complex paranormal realm.

Her evolution from an ordinary teenager to a formidable force within the intricate narrative captivates readers and draws them into Grace’s compelling journey of self-discovery and empowerment.

Amidst the challenges she faces at the elite boarding school in Alaska, Grace’s character undergoes a profound transformation that resonates deeply with young adult audiences. As she is thrust into a world teeming with history, secrets, power struggles, and protectors, Grace’s journey becomes not only one of survival but also of embracing her unique place within this mesmerizing paranormal universe.

Analysis of Characters

Book Review Crave By Tracy Wolff (2)

Jaxon is portrayed as a typical YA paranormal hero, while other characters also play significant roles in the story. Their actions and development add depth to the overall plot of “Crave.”.

Jaxon as a typical YA paranormal hero

Jaxon, a central character in the novel “Crave” by Tracy Wolff, embodies the quintessential traits of a YA paranormal hero. His enigmatic personality and brooding nature capture attention from readers throughout the story.

As a key figure in Grace’s journey, Jaxon possesses supernatural abilities that are steeped in mystery and intrigue, adding depth to his character. With his protective instincts and rebellious spirit, he epitomizes the archetype of a classic young adult paranormal hero.

Fitting into the mold of an alluring yet troubled protagonist, Jaxon contributes to the allure of “Crave” with his compelling persona. His complex emotions and internal conflicts resonate with readers and make him an essential element in driving the narrative forward.

Other characters and their roles

The book “Crave” by Tracy Wolff features a diverse cast of characters, each bringing a unique element to the story:

  1. Macy – Grace’s loyal and witty best friend who provides comic relief and emotional support throughout the narrative.
  2. Hudson – The enigmatic and brooding vampire prince who captivates Grace with his mysterious allure and complicated past.
  3. Flint – A charming and mischievous shapeshifter who becomes Grace’s confidante and ally amidst the school’s supernatural politics.
  4. Greer – The no-nonsense witch with a keen intellect and sharp wit, serving as both a mentor and adversary to Grace as she navigates her new world.
  5. Angus – The stoic werewolf guardian with a strong sense of duty, offering protection to Grace while harboring his own secrets and unspoken feelings.
  6. Wallace – The charismatic yet manipulative vampire prince who complicates Grace’s relationships and adds tension to the unfolding conflicts within the supernatural community.

Critical Review

Book Review Crave By Tracy Wolff (3)

The critical review of “Crave” delves into the lack of originality, the flimsy plot, writing style, and pacing and length of the novel. It analyzes these aspects to provide a comprehensive evaluation of the bestselling paranormal novel.

Lack of originality

Tracy Wolff’s “Crave” has faced criticism for its lack of originality. The story arc and supernatural elements in the novel closely resemble other popular YA paranormal romances, making it predictable for fans of the genre.

The plot often follows established tropes and fails to offer a fresh perspective, which may detract from its appeal to readers seeking more innovative storytelling.

Readers have noted that while “Crave” is an entertaining read, it relies heavily on familiar themes and character dynamics commonly found in similar novels within the YA paranormal romance genre.

Flimsy plot

The plot in Crave by Tracy Wolff lacks depth and originality, failing to offer a fresh take on the paranormal genre. The storyline feels predictable and unoriginal, lacking in surprising twists or captivating developments.

This lack of complexity may leave readers wanting more substance and intricacy from the narrative.

Readers have noted that the plot fails to create a sense of urgency or build tension effectively. The pacing feels uneven at times, with stretches of slow development interspersed with hurried resolutions.

Writing style

Tracy Wolff’s writing style in “Crave” holds a lively and fluid quality, punctuated with spunk and witty humor. The snarky and cringe-worthy prose weaves through the narrative, adding a dash of charm to the storytelling.

This plays well with the book’s elements of paranormal romance, engaging readers within its pages. As a result, it appeals to young adult audiences who enjoy entertaining and punchy prose.

Moreover, Tracy Wolff blends history, secrets, power dynamics, lies, plots, and protectors into her writing. This complex tapestry contributes to an intriguing narrative that keeps readers engrossed until the very end.

Pacing and length

The pacing of “Crave” by Tracy Wolff keeps the story moving at a steady rhythm, ensuring that the plot unfolds seamlessly without dragging. The author’s skillful execution maintains a balance between action and character development, keeping readers engaged throughout.

Additionally, the length of the novel allows for thorough exploration of both the supernatural world and the characters’ emotional journeys, providing a satisfying depth to the storytelling.

Grace Foster’s journey into this hidden supernatural world is brought to life through meticulous pacing and ample length which ensures an immersive reading experience. This combination allows for a gripping narrative that captivates young adult audiences seeking an exciting paranormal romance story filled with mystery and unexpected twists.


In conclusion, “Crave” by Tracy Wolff offers a blend of supernatural elements, mystery, and romance that appeals to young adult audiences. Despite its flaws, the novel has potential for a film adaptation and leaves readers eager for more.

Overall review

The overall review of “Crave” by Tracy Wolff highlights its popularity as the #1 New York Times Bestselling Series and an Amazon Best YA Book of 2020. The book has received praise for its fluid writing style, spunk, and witty humor.

It is a captivating read for fans of paranormal romance due to its blend of romance, mystery, and supernatural elements. While some readers have appreciated the snarky prose, others have found it off-putting.

With a compelling narrative filled with history, secrets, power, distrust, prejudice, genocide, lies, plots, and protectors that keeps readers eager for more in subsequent books in the series.

Potential for a film adaptation

Tracy Wolff’s bestselling paranormal novel Crave presents a rich and dynamic world that holds significant potential for a film adaptation. The intricate setting of an elite boarding school in Alaska, coupled with the hidden supernatural realm, lends itself well to visual storytelling.

With its blend of mystery, romance, and supernatural elements, the narrative provides a captivating premise for the big screen. Moreover, the complexities surrounding history, secrets, power struggles, and underlying plots could be visually compelling when translated into a cinematic experience.

Given its widespread popularity and positive reception as an Amazon Best YA Book of 2020 as well as being described as the #1 New York Times Bestselling Series; it is clear that Crave has intrigued readers across various demographics – marking it as a promising candidate for adaptation.

Set against this backdrop are engaging characters whose relationships and conflicts offer substantial material for on-screen exploration. Grace’s journey from San Diego to Alaska presents a coming-of-age tale ripe for cinematic interpretation while Jaxon embodies traits typical of young adult paranormal heroes essential for blockbuster appeal.

Final thoughts.

– Potential for a film adaptation is evident in the vivid portrayal of supernatural creatures and the captivating world-building. The narrative’s fast-paced nature promises an enthralling visual experience, offering potential for a successful transition to the big screen.

With its blend of romance, mystery, and supernatural elements, Crave possesses all the ingredients for an engaging cinematic adaptation that could appeal to young adult audiences. The novel’s popularity and compelling storyline make it a strong contender for adaptation into a visually stunning movie or television series.

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